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If You Have Any Money, It’s About to Lose (A Lot) of Value | Tim Denning in The Ascent

Stories for blogger aja. Amazon Is Offering 33,000 Tech Jobs Paying $150k, And You Should Take It. How To Enrich Your Mind.
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Stories for blogger aja
In case you missed it
The Federal Reserve is expecting to set inflation at 4%, up from 2%. Inflation can be higher depending on how…
Tim Denning in The AscentMember only content9 min read
Most tech multi-millionaires were once coders working full-time
When Malcolm X was in prison, he discovered the power of books. He was physically caged within the walls of…
Best in Science
The case against stretching has science on its side
Brain surgery robots, neural Fitbits, and cyborg pigs
Thomas Smith in OneZeroMember only content17 min read
Most read
What many thin people refer to as 'internalized fatphobia' is a different side of the same coin
Editors' picks
Flow isn't harder to achieve these days. You just have to schedule it.
Laura Vanderkam in ForgeMember only content3 min read
'Allostasis' is reshaping science's understanding of disease of disorder
Markham Heid in ElementalMember only content6 min read
A taxpayer-funded settlement does not equal justice for victims of police brutality.
Tirhakah Love in LEVELMember only content5 min read

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