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7 Habits That Helped Me Lose 20 Pounds During The Pandemic | Monica Galvan in In Fitness And In Health

Stories for blogger aja. Why a Man's Masculinity is Essential to a Woman. Dear White People: Where Is Your Home Training?. Is America on the Verge of Another Civil War?.
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Stories for blogger aja
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I didn't even break a sweat
And why she sometimes struggles to find it in today's world.
Videos of White people behaving badly aren't new, but they are indicative of White rage, insulate White…
The 20 Million Die-Hard Trump Supporters Who Could Start a Second Civil War
J.C. PetersMember only content8 min read
In case you missed it
An easy strategy for being happier and more productive at work
Laura Vanderkam in ForgeMember only content3 min read
Today, I celebrate two full years without allowing a single drop of wine or other alcohol touch my lips.
Lonna WhitingMember only content4 min read
Breaking my rule led me into the arms of a sociopath.
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Funny takes on strange attempts to get us to pay
If you need a push right now, I'm hoping they will motivate you too.
Brian Pennie in Mind CafeMember only content4 min read
My father graduated from high school in 1967 and, with his two best friends, immediately enlisted in the…
Best in Science
Reusable eight-by-four-foot steel cylinders, packed with wood chips, straw, and alfalfa, present an…
Best in Race
Black voters were crucial to this outcome — as they were to Biden's primary victory earlier in the year.
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Ready for love, for adoration, for euphoria
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Living in Sri Lanka during the end of the civil war, I saw how life goes on, surrounded by death
Indi Samarajiva in GENMember only content5 min read
The everyday martial art of talking to someone who disagrees with you

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